Favorite Listermann beer: Friar Bacon Smoked Bock

 Favorite Song: Funkytown by Lipps Inc.

 Favorite Snack: ice cream

JASON BREWER / General Manager

 Favorite Listermann beer: 99 Problems NE IPA

 Favorite Song: black & yellow by wiz khalifa

 Favorite snack: pretzel day


 Favorite Listermann beer: Basic

 Favorite Song: Tik Tok by Ke$ha

 Favorite Snack: crab rangoon

Jessica Gorman / Head of marketing

Favorite Listermann beer: don’t lay a finger

 Favorite Song: party rock anthem by lmfao

 Favorite Snack:  milk steak boiled over hard with a side the finest jelly beans served raw

Zach augenstein / taproom manager

 Favorite Listermann beer: chickow shots  

 Favorite Song: space jam by quad city dj’s 

 Favorite Snack: chickow shots

Jon vollman / sales rep

 Favorite Listermann beer: prehistoric bowl crusher 2.0

 Favorite Song:  dragostea din tei by o-zone

 Favorite Snack: vegan milk steak hold the jelly beans

matthew daniel / Brewer

 Favorite Listermann beer: Brass monkey junkie

 Favorite Song: this is america by childish gambino

 Favorite Snack: hard boiled eggs 

keith stark / Brewer

  Favorite Listermann beer: fro-yo with the bois

Favorite Song: bawitdaba by kid rock

 Favorite Snack: whatever his dad, steve, packs him for lunch


 Favorite Listermann beer: Hank the Dumpster Kitty

 Favorite Song: Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

 Favorite Snack: cake 

abby bricking / bartender

 Favorite Listermann beer: i’ve had it with these mothers****** ipas at this mother****** brewery

 Favorite Song: friday by rebecca black 

 Favorite Snack: sour ‘sketti

hannah plattner / bartender

 Favorite Listermann beer: Double brass monkey

 Favorite Song: walk by pantera

 Favorite Snack: smol chips and cheese (refuses to call them nachos) also, birds aren’t real

autumn r. / bartender

 Favorite Listermann beer: Ba satisfied?

 Favorite Song: dreams by fleetwood mac

 Favorite Snack: chips & guac

mike garcia / bartender

 Favorite Listermann beer: tennessee whiskey 

 Favorite Song: Tennessee whiskey by chris stapleton

 Favorite Snack: tennessee whiskey

PHIL POINTER / He does it all

 Favorite Listermann beer:Don’t Talk Sh!t About Norwood

 Favorite Song: hiphoppopotumus vs. rhymenocerous by flight of the concords

 Favorite Snack: lunchmeat

pat wilde / bartender

 Favorite Listermann beer: 

 Favorite Song: gin & juice by snoop dogg and nothing by phish. ever. 

 Favorite Snack: monster energy drinks 

adam denning / bartender

 Favorite Listermann beer: Raspberry cider

 Favorite Song: one more problem by ariana grande

 Favorite Snack: flapjacks for lumberjacks  

matt faris / bartender

 Favorite Listermann beer: all the meads

 Favorite Song: whip it by devo

 Favorite Snack: mead

ALLEN MOELLMANN / Store manager / Pilot Brewer

 Favorite Listermann beer: Saison

 Favorite Song: Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta by Geto Boys

 Favorite Snack: nuts 

CHUCK BOYCE / Store sales associate

 Favorite Listermann beer: Kolsch

 Favorite Song: Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins

 Favorite Snack: bourbon 

steve wisegerber / Store Sales Associate

 Favorite Listermann beer: Fiona

 Favorite Song: guitars & tiki bars by kenny chesney

 Favorite Snack: lasagna

keith stark / Store Sales Associate

 Favorite Listermann beer: Fiona

 Favorite Song: what does the fox say? by ylvis

 Favorite Snack: spaghetti