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Currently On Tap

*Updated on 2/11

Please note that our draft list changes on a day to day basis.

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Chef Kayla's Old Fashioned Brut IPA

Flavors and aromas of candied orange, cherry, and orange peel meld seamlessly with crisp, biscuit character, finishes dry, and refreshes the palate for the next sip of beer, or bite of food!

6.8% abv.

Hank the Dumpster Kitty

Here at Listermann we love animals, and Hank was a rescue from our neighborhood, whom was picked up by our dumpster (as per the name insinuates).  This IIPA is packed full of huge tropical fruit notes, mango, lychee, tangerine, candied pear, candied cherry, and a melange of citrus fruits.

8.1% abv.

Basement lager

International style lager in collaboration with sotto cincinnati. Light, crisp with a hint of minerality.


5.13% abv.

Strawberry Kiwi Gose

Kettle sour brewed with coriander and salt with strawberry and kiwi added. 

4% abv.


The classic example of Listermann flavor alchemy, Chickow is our award-winning imperial brown ale with hazelnuts.  A dessert style beer, expect flavors of candied hazelnuts, dark fruits, treacle, toffee, hints of coffee and chocolate, that finishes like fine confectionery sugar.  A decadent brew that will leave you feeling like royalty.

10% abv.

Orange Mocha Frappuccinos!!

You know what would really help you sort through those important beer buying issues?  ORANGE MOCHA FRAPPUCIINOS!  This Milkshake IPA is designed to taste like it’s name shake and presents as mocha/tootsie roll, chocolate orange, and a satisfying coffee finish.

6.8% abv.

Little Kicks

Brut IPA w/ Vic Secret, Lemondrop and Zythos Hops

6.8% abv.

Mixed Berry Cider

Semi-sweet cider with mixed berries.

8.4% abv.

Hello My Passionfruit

A wonderful combination of refreshing tartness, this is a kettle sour beer with passionfruit puree added.  It is brewed with a heavy amount of wheat, lending a soft, pillow-like mouthfeel to this vibrant sour.  Aromas and flavors of lemon, lemon peel, fresh peaches, and tart passionfruit.

4% abv.

Kill Hops 4.0

Our rotating draft IPA series, Kill Hops is part of our love letter to inspirational Hip Hop.  4.0 is our first beer to include rare and hard to get hops from South Africa, alongside American and Australian hops, this is a well traveled beer!  Aromas and flavors of candied lemon, flower petals, dank blueberries, stone fruit, black currant, gooseberries, bubble gum, lemongrass, peaches, apricot, melon, passionfruit, citrus and chilies.

6% abv.

Chocolate Strawberry Cannoli of the Jungle

Collaboration with Jungle Jim’s. Pastry Stout with vanilla, almonds, lactose, chocolate and strawberries.

8.5% abv.

Barrel aged Hazelnut Joy Chickow!

Imperial Brown Ale brewed with hazelnuts, almonds and coconuts aged in bourbon barrels.

11% abv.

Team Fiona

Cincinnati’s beloved Hippo comes in beer form!  Designed to be a New England IPA that will please beer novices to cicerones, Fiona is packed full of orange, tangerine, lemon, gooseberry, lime, mango, and tropical fruits, with a soft body and low low low bitterness.  And each pint comes with the knowledge you are supporting your local zoo, and Fiona.

5.8% abv.

562 Lateral

A new age twist on a classic Oatmeal Stout, we added fan favorite flavor Vanilla to help round out this smooth, round body drinker to become just a bit more crushable.  Chock full of aromas and flavors of dark, semi-sweet chocolate, light roast coffee and malt, and hints of creamy vanilla.  A perfect session, Winter friendly style of beer, that helps keep you warm when it’s cold outside.

5% abv.

Black Forest Coffee Cake

Pastry stout with cherry, coconut, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and coffee added. 

9% abv.


Oatmeal Sweet Stout w/ chocolate, strawberry and vanilla added.

6% abv.

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©2019 Listermann Brewing Company. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Terms and Conditions. Designed by Teton Media Group.