Straight from our press release, but we are sending it to our loyal followers first!

Listermann Brewing Company has received their wine license to be able to make and sell wines, ciders and meads. They have enlisted local Fermentation Guru Danny Spears to help them on their fermentation journey.

“We really want to be the place you come for all fermented beverages,” says Distribution Manager Jason Brewer. He continues, “We’ve been doing it on the home brew scale for so long that we have finally decided to take it up a notch and bring our creations to our tasting room.”

Most of the beverages will be in very, very small batches and used for education purposes.  “I really like to bring in some extreme beverages into the tap room that are either historically or culturally unique,” says Spears. He continues, “I’ve spent a lot of time researching and creating these concoctions and am really excited to bring these to life.”

The choice to bring in Danny Spears to spear head this project is a no brainer. Brewer says, “Danny is a great customer of ours and he and I spend a lot of time talking about crazy beers and beverages no one has ever heard of. Most people call us crazy for making our unique beers like a peanut butter porter.  Danny is just as ‘crazy’ as us so he will be a great fit.”

On plans for expansion and distribution of the beverages: “We’ll do some bottle releases here and there but most of it will be for onsite consumption. We are still owned by a husband and wife team, with no outside investors and we aren’t here to take over the world. We are here to have some fun and educate the consumer about all the fun things you can do with fermentation.”

Launch of the Fermatorium will be September 8th at 5 pm beginning with the cider: U Can-Pear Cider.  Brewer adds, “The ‘U Can’ is our tip of the hat to our home brewing roots. We made this line from kits you can purchase in our store and U Can make at home.”