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The Cincinnati Malt Infusers Home Page
The Cincinnati Malt Infusers are an organization dedicated to the art and science of brewing beer at home and are sanctioned by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA)

Dayton Regional Amateur Fermentation Technologists (DRAFT) Home Page
DRAFT is a non-profit, educational and social group, with membership open to any person. The club exists to promote public awareness of the craft of homebrewing; to provide beginning, intermediate, and advanced brewers with information, advice, and training appropriate to their skill level; to encourage members to train for recognized beer judge status; to hold tastings and contests; to enjoy the company of fellow beer brewers, and to actively promote responsibility in the use of alcoholic beverages.

Briess Malting Company
A complete guide to Briess Malting Company, its history, products, people, and mission.

Norm Pyle’s Hops FAQ
One of the best FAQ’s on Hops dealing with such questions such as:
What are Hops?
Bittering Compounds
Different Hop Products
and More…

Not Exactly Sterile

A Complete Guide To Cleaning And Sanitation

White Labs Inc.
White Labs manufacturs liquid yeast for professional brewers and homebrewers. They specialize in large, pitchable quantities of certified pure liquid yeast. In addition, they produce easy-to-use laboratory test kits and supplies.

Wyeast Laboratories, Inc.
Wyeast Laboratories, Inc. is a leading source of fermentation cultures for beer and wine making worldwide. A great selection of yeast for all styles of beverages with experienced technical support and supplies for testing and analysis. Wyeast is available through the finest home beer and wine making shops worldwide (LIKE US).