Listermann Fermatorium opened 2 months ago and has already made 3 different kinds of ciders. They are now ready to release the wines they have spent those 2 months creating on Wednesday 11/11 at 5 pm.  The two wines, a chardonnay and pinot nior will be under the “Schloss Listermann” Brand.  Schloss means castle in German and is a tip of the hat to the owner’s German heritage and the castle like building the winery resides.

“I’m really excited about the experience we can now offer our customers,” says Jason Brewer Dream Creator at Listermann Fermatorium. He continues, “We have always been about unique experiences and this really rises us to the next level. A couple can come in where one person hates beer and still have a fantastic experience. It’s different from just serving wine. It’s all hand crafted by your neighbor for you.”

Danny Spears is the neighbor in charge of crafting the fermented beverages. “Chardonnay and pinot are very popular wines that I often drink at home,” Says Spears when asked why these two were chosen first. He continues, “We only have about 40 bottles of each so we have quite a few more wines fermenting in the back including a malbec and a sangiovese.”

The Fermatorium will also be releasing a Mexican Pulque. “Pulque is made from 100% agave nectar that is fermented,” says Spears, “That’s it, and it comes out to about 4.5%.” He continues, “It almost tastes like a tart Lemon-lime sports drink. It’s pretty fantastic.”

Spears and Brewer will be on hand answer questions and tasting the beverages with customers Wednesday 11/11 from 5 to 8 pm.