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Last Updated: 10/17/2017

To-Go Sales


Last Updated 10/17/2017


Nutcase 4pk
Chickow 4pk
Hank the Dumpster Kitty NE IIPA 4pk
Barrel Aged Broken Boiler 4pk
99 Problems NE IPA 4pk
Pinkies Out NE Pale Ale 4pk

Single 12oz:

Barrel Aged Chickow!
Barrel Aged Blueberry Vanilla Chickow!
Barrel Aged Turtle Chickow!
Barrel Aged Kopi Luwak Chickow!


BA Friar Bacon with Maple Bacon and Coffee
High Society Tequila Barrel Aged Gose with Gooseberries
2013 Cranium (On Site Consumption Only)