Some of our favorite beers are being released in bottles for the very first time! Coconut Chickow! and Cinnamon Roll Chickow! are being unleased on Black Friday. A limit of 4 bottles of each beer (subject to change) priced at $12.99 will be available while supplies last. We will also have some tasty treats on tap as well to relieve you from your holiday stress. We will open at 10 am (our normal time) to begin serving beers and selling bottles. Feel free to bring your own food in. We probably won’t be able to let people in early as we have to set up the tasting room so please dress accordingly and be nice to the fellow beer lovers in line.

We understand that, since its a holiday weekend, a lot of our beloved customers will be traveling to see family (or too busy shopping Friday morning to stop in).  We are going to give everyone a chance to be able to pick up at least one bottle of their favorite variant. Starting Tuesday 11/18 and running through Sunday night 11/23 you can come in and buy a four pack of Chickow! and also buy one of either Coconut or Cinnamon roll to be picked up between 11/28 to 12/7. All these bottles will be prepaid and will not available for pick up or refund after 12/7. You can buy up to Four 4 packs for a total of 2 bottles of each Coconut and Cinnamon Roll.

If you partake in the pre-sale, you can also buy bottles on Black Friday.

What costs looks like:

4 Pack of Chickow! One bottle Coconut Chickow! (to be picked up 11/28-12/7)= 14.99+12.99+ tax

4 Pack of Chickow! One bottle Cinnamon Chickow! (to be picked up 11/28-12/7)= 14.99+12.99+ tax

2 4 Packs of Chickow! One bottle Coconut, One bottle Cinnamon (to be picked up 11/28-12/7)= 14.99×2 +12.99+12.99+ tax



What happens if I come on 12/8 to pick up my bottles I already paid for?

A-     You will not be able to retrieve the bottles and we will not refund you the money spent on the bottles. No exceptions

Can I spilt my 4 bottles up between the Variants?

A-     Yes. You can get 3 bottles of one and 1 of the other (or 2 and 1) and there is no problem

Are there any exceptions to the pick up date of 12/7?

A-     No. No exceptions

What if I am the Queen of England? Are there any exceptions to the pick up date of 12/7 for me?

A-     Sorry your majesty. You can’t tell us what to do any more so there are no exceptions for you either.

Listermann Crew. It’s your boy Emilio. I mean, Coach Bombay from the Mighty Ducks. Can I get more than 4 total bottles during this presale? I will let you be the lead of the flying V in the upcoming D4: The Mighty Ducks!

A-     Sorry Emilio. No exceptions. 4 total bottles max. But lets talk about this movie!