Audit Ale is a beer with tradition. In 1400s England, the ale was brewed once a year so land holders could give back to their rent-paying tenants. This took place at a lot of universities, as they held most of the land in cities at the time. The “spirituous” beer earned a place of popularity as it was strong and could only be had on Audit Day. In order to ease your tax-day pain, we’re bringing this tradition back to life.

At Listermann, we can’t brew beer we’ve only read about without putting our own twist on it.  This beer was fermented in four bourbon barrels and ends up at 8.6% ABV.  2 months after it was brewed, we performed an Audit on the barrels to know how it was aging.  Only one was selected and bottled. We will continue to choose the best barrel at the time of Audit until all 4 barrels are bottled. The beer will only be available on its release day, but in both bottle and draft form. We don’t expect it, but if there is any left over, it will be made available on the next Audit day. Every Audit Ale will be wax dipped in a different color, so you will know from which Audit it came.

The first Audit Day begins at Noon on April 15th and goes until 8 pm. Listermann Brewing Company is located at 1621 Dana Ave in Cincinnati.

For more details contact Jason Brewer at