Listermann Brewery | December 7th 6PM – Advanced Brewing Home Brew Class
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December 7th 6PM – Advanced Brewing Home Brew Class

Learn everything you wanted to learn about All-Grain brewing. From Mash, vorlauf, sparging to re-circulating and more!
The class will cost $20 which does two things. 1) Get your seat reserved for the class and 2) get you a 10% off coupon for the Homebrew supply store. If we start filling up these classes with reservations, we will be doing them more often.
Cost: $20/person. Will receive a coupon the evening of the class for 10% off next purchase in Listermann’s Homebrew Shop.
Limited to 40 people. If you do not have a reservation you will be forced to drink beer in our tasting room.
It will be wing night here at the tap room so we will have a food truck outside!
Please send an e-mail to or call 513-731-1130 opt. 2 to reserve your spot.
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